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• USA TODAY opinion piece, U.S. Traffic Safety Misleads the Public: As GM ignition case shows, technology is emphasized over driver behavior, Sept.2014

• AJPH Editorial 20,000  more Americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science. Aug. 2014

• 1991 book Traffic Safety and the driver available as Paperback and Kindle (scanned printed pages - not searchable)

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This is main photo page, with links to other pages

My interest in photography goes back a long time, as documented in c. 1955 picture of me in my darkroom.

From early teens I became enamored of science, so had solid knowledge of physics and mathematics (still centrally relevant) and some knowledge of chemistry (irrelevant since digital revolution) basis of photography.

    Photography tradition continued by our daughter, and amateur interest of other family members).


 c. 1955 picture of Leonard in darkroom

Professional and general interest  (Titanic,  
 North Pole,  etc.)


35 mm Color Slides scanned in by Wendy - still work in progress

Super 8 Family Movies Digitized

A selection of Family Videos

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