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Leonard in his darkroom, c. 1955


My interest in photography goes back a long time, as shown by this 1955 (give or take a year or so) picture of me in my darkroom. The necktie is that for my high school (Grosvenor High School, Belfast) - was normal to keep on until bedtime in unsunny climate.

The darkroom bench was large board supported on top of the bath in our family home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My parents and sisters were supportive of my reasonable use - fortunately the toilet was in a seperate room. Running water is essential for a darkroom.  Illumination for the photograph was by darkroom light with dense red filter removed. Picture was taken with delayed action (a pale forerunner of a selfie?).  Alas, technical and other details have faded into sands of time. 

From a young age I became enamored of science, so had working knowledge of physics and mathematics (still centrally relevant) and some knowledge of  chemical basis of photography. Chemistry rendered irrelevant by digital revolution.

Photography tradition continued by our daughter, and keen amateur interest of all family members.