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Various writings that for a variety of reasons were not published in traditional outlets are published here.  In some cases they are more complete versions of published items.  The piece on Diamond Lanes published in the San Francisco Examiner was 374 words;  the 940 word (plus a photograph) piece here conveys much better the meat of the arguments.  

Some items are (and will be) published here to make the information available in a timely fashion -- a two year delay between submission and publication is quite common.  Feel free to cite any article by its title, author, and URL (which will not be changed).  All material below is ©Leonard Evans.

10. The real blind spot (2013-10-03)

9. "Shame On Us" - Child Deaths - Preventable and Unpreventable (Sandy Hook school shootings, gun control, and political grandstanding) ( 2013-03-31)

8. Traffic Is Dangerous, Movie Theatres Are Not (Keeping the Aurora, Colorado, movie- theater deaths in perspective) (2012 -12-07)

7. Do increases in the cost of fuel reduce traffic fatalities? (2008-08-04)

6. Death-penalty laws cannot be evaluated like belt wearing laws (2008-07-10)

5. What do Pirate Costumes, Chowder, and Traffic Safety Have in Common? (2008-07-01)

4. How to Estimate Miscoding of Belt Use (example for rear belts)

3. Open Sea at North Pole No Cause for Panic

2. How to Increase Crash Risk, Fuel Consumption, and Exhaust Emissions (DIAMOND lanes will do it)

1. Swedish versus USA Traffic Safety: What Comparing Fatalities Tells Us (2007-03)


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