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Personal, family, etc

2 September 2000 visit to the Titanic

Sinking of Titanic is used to illustrate general 
safety principles in Chapter 1 of

Leonard and Wendy at North Pole
12 July 1996

When not at North Pole, Wendy is hyper-active at:

Presenting great Art Talks (Wendy's informative web Art-Talks.org)

American Association for Museum Volunteers

Detroit Institute of Arts

Wedding of Edwin and Elaine, 15 July 2000

(Wedding at Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards, CA)

Ed's home page
Ed's neat program "HANDY FIND"

(Try it -- guarantee you'll like it.  Hard to believe how superior it is to Microsoft built-in "find" features.  It is FREE  -- but you can  join those who made voluntary contributions after using) 

The second Dr. Evans

Dave's home page

Anita in Northern Ireland, visiting cousin Stephen, August 2001

Anita takes great photographs - such as one on cover of American Theatre (click it to enlarge) and provides creative learning through http://www.neurokitchen.org/

More pictures than you want to look at

And increasing all the time

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