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USA TODAY opinion piece, U.S. Traffic Safety Misleads the Public: As GM ignition case shows, technology is emphasized over driver behavior, Sept.2014

AJPH Editorial 20,000  more Americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science. Aug. 2014

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X 2000 09 Expedition Titanic -- Dive to Titanic 2000 September 02


X 1996 07 North Pole visit by Leonard and Wendy


One of a kind -- neither old nor new Selection from  PowerPoint  presentation for 22 June 2000 retirement of Leonard from GM



2007-06-Slovenia - mainly a stroll through old Ljubljana

2006-03 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates -10th PRI Conference

2005-12-Iran -- Traffic Safety Conference at Tehran University

2005-11-Umeå, Northern Sweden, Traffic Medicine Course

2005-10-Taipei Healthy Cities Conference

2005-09 Presentation to Belfast Titanic Society, etc

2005-04-28-Clearwater Beach Roundabout




2004-10-Belfast Titanic Society Meeting, etc

2003 09 Budapest, Hungary

2003 06 21 Eye and the Auto

2002 11 Australia

2002 09 Egypt archeological wonders, etc. 

2002 09 Egypt ITMA World Congress 

2002 04 10-17 Sweden  Umeå  for Traffic Medicine Course Stockholm

2001- 08-Regina 

1999 05 Trip to China (mainly Chongquig and Xian)

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