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*** April 2015 The Greatest Risk Your Child Faces. Pediatrics for Parents: Vol 30, Numbers 1&2

*** December 2014 Traffic Deaths and Driver Behavior - Eighty years of scientific research show that policies addressing how people drive have an effect on safety that overwhelms technological details. Wall Street Journal, Letters to the Editor, Decmber 30, 2014

*** August 2014 **EDITORIAL**Twenty thousand more Americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science.  American Journal of Public Health: August 2014, Vol. 104, No. 8, pp. 1349-1351. 


*** August 2014 Trafficc Fatality Reductions: United States Compared With 25 Other Countries.  American Journal of Public Health: August 2014, Vol. 104, No. 8, pp. 1501-1507 .


*** April 2014

Printed proceedings of Hamburg ITMA meeting available including: Policy Implications from Comparing Traffic Fatality Trends Thru 2011 in 26 Countries (or The Dramatic Failure of US Safety Policy Revisited), In P.Brieler and K P�schel (eds), Safe Mobility on Land. Sea and in the Air, Proceedings of the 23rd World Congress of International Traffic Medicine Association, Hamburg, Germany 19-22 May 2013.Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, 2014,  p. 17-32


***October 2013

Started uploading HD versions of PowerPoint presentations to Vimeo and Utube (and making originals available on this web.  First is Safety Benefits of a Traffic Signal Designed for the Color Deficient as listed with various links at

List of PowerPoint uploads


***October 2013

Rejected Letter to Editor of nyt in response to their all too typical ignorant editorial (they know about traffic safety because they can drive!)

The real blind spot (2013-10-03)


 *** April 2013

Rejected editorial
 "Shame On Us" - Child Deaths - Preventable and Unpreventable (Sandy Hook school shootings, gun control, and political grandstanding)


*** December 2012

Rejected editorial
Traffic Is Dangerous, Movie Theatres Are Not (Keeping the Aurora, Colorado, movie- theater deaths in perspective)


*** August 2012

AAAM Former President Still Crash Free (PDF), INROADS (Bulletin of the AAAM), Vol 18, Issue 2, August 2012


*** September 2011, revised December 2012

PowerPoint Presentation on YouTube

 Topsy-Turvy US Safety Policy Continues to Kill Thousands of Road Users

(or The Dramatic Failure of U.S. Safety Policy Revisited)

Auxiliary information: Revised 1 December 2012 - China data deleted from study due to uncertainties about reliability.

This Presentation is based on one I delivered to The Eye and The Auto International Conference, 2011-09-(12�14), in Detroit MI, organized by the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.  In Traffic Safety (2004), the chapter titled The Dramatic Failure of US Safety Policy concludes that US Safety policy, by rejecting science, ends up placing most emphasis on where benefits are least (JAMA reviewer calls this Chapter the Showstopper).  The conclusion that disastrous US policy was killing more than ten thousand additional Americans every year was based on comparing US performance with that in three Comparison countries (Britain, Canada and Australia).  This present presentation compares the US to 27 countries, and for each of them 7 years more data than available in the earlier study.  The presentation shows the data for each country in a separate graph.  The enormously greater amount of data adds vastly more support to the earlier conclusions.   Namely, (1) US safety performance is dramatically worse than that in other industrialized countries. (2) The fatality declines among other countries are similar and define what is normal. Their policies emerge from imperfect legislative bodies whose members are much concerned about being reelected. The far from optimal policies that emerge are ordinarily foolish. (3) US policies are not ordinarily foolish. They are extraordinarily foolish. (4) This is because US safety policy continues to maximize litigation earnings and the resulting political contributions (for example, Toyota "phantom acceleration") while ignoring science, knowledge, or even common understanding. This results in placing priorities almost perfectly opposite to where safety benefits are greatest.

Countries analyzed in order of decreasing human population:  1 United States of America 2 Japan 3 Germany 4 France 5 Italy 6 Great Britain 7 South Korea 8 Spain 9 Poland 10 Canada 11 Australia 12 Netherlands 13 Greece 14 Belgium 15 Portugal 16 Czech Republic 17 Hungary 18 Sweden 19 Austria 20 Switzerland 21 Israel 22 Denmark 23 Slovakia 24 Finland 25 Norway 26 Ireland 27 New Zealand



*** May 2011

Leonard Evans Presentations to 22nd World Congress of ITMA, Chongqing, China, 13-16 May 2011 (click here for more details) 



*** May 2011


Three contributions to Modern Traffic Medicine (Wang, Zhenguo ed), Chongqing Publishing House, Chongqing, China, ISBN 9787229039127, May 2011.



1. USA Traffic Safety Provides Examples Worth Copying and Worth Avoiding. (PDF)

2. A Short History of the International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA)  (PDF)

3. Preface (PDF)




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