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1. It is truly an enjoyable and easy book to read.  Evans has included some great stories and has made extensive use of tables and graphs to illustrate data and concepts. ( Choice -- American Library Association   - ALA )

2. A variety of audiences will enjoy this book.  Researchers and policymakers will find a clear and detailed summary of current knowledge. Drivers will learn several tips for being safer on the road. Evans' work covers in remarkable detail the full range of important topics in traffic safety . . . but his chapter The Dramatic Failure of U.S. Safety Policy is the showstopper. ( Journal of the American Medical Association,  JAMA)  ( html   ,  PDF )

3. This book is well written, unexpectedly humorous in places, and highly instructive. Evans makes an excellent case for giving this topic more attention and for exploring creative and effective public health and legislative interventions. ( American Journal of Preventive Medicine)  html   PDF )

4. Dr. Evans’s style is unique and often light-hearted.  Far from offering dry analysis, he writes clearly and concisely, often offering bits of his British humor. He proves that he can argue and present a case just as compellingly as a polished trial lawyer. ( Santa Clara Law Reviewhtml   ,  PDF )

5. Its logical arguments and readability are suited to a wide audience of regulators, business leaders, and new scholars. ( Ergonomics in Design PDF )

6.  Highly readable, entertaining, and educational volume on the scientific evidence regarding road safety interventions.  Evans is at his best explaining counterintuitive results.  Evans's book dismisses much of the folklore very effectively, and this is its most important contribution. ( British Medical Journal, BMJhtml   ,  PDF )

7. Well written and easy to understand. -- insightful and thought provoking.  It is an excellent reference for all road safety professionals and should be a recommended reading for any engineering or epidemiology related road safety course. ( Transportation Research Forum)

8. After reviewing and using his 1991 classic, Traffic Safety and the Driver -  always within eye reach, I asked myself “What can Leonard Evans do for an encore?”  The encore is even better than the original. ( Israel Medical Association Journalhtml   ,  PDF )

9. If you want to understand why enforcing the traffic safety laws will save lives then read Traffic Safety.  Evans is a brilliant scientist whose work deserves to be read( The Lancet )

10. Traffic Safety is a useful resource for anyone working or researching in this area, and it will undoubtedly be a well-thumbed volume on my bookshelf. Appreciated the clarity of expression that his approach offers. (Ergonomics) html   ,  PDF )

11. Leonard Evans is one of my heroes, one of the global Gods of Road Safety. (adiNEWS)

12. Traffic Safety is the work of one man.  That gives it a unity of style and thoughtfulness.  Readers who can handle English will meet the field of traffic safety through the viewpoint of a top expert (translated from the Finnish).Liikennek  -  Finnish scientific and professional quarterly-- in Finish   PDF )

13. This book is international in scope with information from 49 countries. ( Intelligent Transportation Systems,  IEEE ITS Society Newsletter PDF)

14. Evans bases his conclusions on a thorough statistical analysis of the safety effects and costs/benefits of technical safety measures like airbags, which he discusses very critically. ( International Traffic Medicine Association )


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Samples from reviews from distinguished safety professionals:

This wonderful book--always by my side-- is essential reading for those who want to know what to do about the US's dismal failure to reduce its road death toll. Elihu D Richter (

The expert that the experts go to.  This is one truly wonderful book by one of the world's safety pioneers, and one of the most brilliant minds in traffic safety today. Mark L. Rosenberg (

My field of expertise is driver performance and traffic safety, and as a specialist in this field I can strongly recommend this excellent book. Richard A. Young (

An excellent book that should be read by all road safety professionals. Richard Tay  (

Dr. Evans lucidly draws and thoroughly supports some very cogent and important conclusions.  Daniel Stern (

His ways of turning problems inside out and examining real causes while identifying confounders helps turn even the casual reader into something of an expert in traffic safety.  Michael D. Freeman (

Whether you are a traffic safety researcher, professional or advocate, Leonard Evans' new book on the subject is essential reading.  David B. Brown (


The chapter on alcohol includes discussions of the role of alcohol in increasing crash risk and the range of policy approaches available to deal with the impaired driving problem (ICADTS REPORTER  - Newsletter of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety( html    ,   PDF )


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