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No Second Edition

I have received many inquiries regarding a second edition of Traffic Safety. Indeed, I have had many kind comments supporting such a possinility.

There are (as of November 2016) only a handful ot copies remaining of the final printing. When they are gone, there will be no more new copies. However, a paperback edition of Traffic Safety is already available and should be so in perpetuity. It looks just like the hardback, and is great value at less than half of the hardback cost.

For a number of reasons I have decided not to write a second edition of Traffic Safety:

Lack of compelling need. Many reviewers stressed the importance of Traffic Safety in clearly presenting central safety concepts. These concepts remain unchanged, and students can continue to absorb the subject by studying the present text

The work involved. I would not consider issuing a second edition that did not have the care and thoroughness of the original. This would involve about two years of intensive work. This did not fit my current aims. I have decided to be available to my grandchildren more than I was to my children!

Internet makes all printed books out of date - so even later editions would find themselves in a situation little different from the present edition. However, I will continue to do safety research** and provide information on this web in a timely fassion.

• New editions put additional cost burdens on students

Leonard Evans, 2016-11

** Update of The dramatic failure of US safety policy available as 5 min You Tube, and other items updated often on my web.