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Chapter 6:  Gender, Age, and Alcohol Effects on Survival

Chapter 7:  Older Drivers  of  Traffic Safety (Copyright 2004 by Leonard Evans)

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Pre digital age - but of note for that reason

77. Older driver involvement in fatal and severe traffic crashes.  The Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 43: S186-S193; 1988.

Yes - 1988

Conclusions of ~30 years ago same as now.  Yes - a problem, but not much of a problem.  Overwhelmingly, main threat to other road users is from young male drivers.  While risks in traffic increase as people age past ~65, the increase from other sources, especially disease, is far faster.  The probability that an old persons' death is due to a traffic crash becomes vanishingly small with increasing age.  Far more important to take your pills, check your blood pressure,. cholesterol, and weight, hold handrail going down stairs, etc. and forget about safety belt!  Best to do all - but some are more important than others. 

 [traffic problem for old folks is mobility - not risk of getting killed].


104  How safe were today's older drivers when they were younger? (PDF).  American Journal of Epidemiology 137: 769-775; 1993.

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139.  Gender and age influence on fatality risk from the same physical impact determined using two-car crashes (PDF). (Authors: Leonard Evans and Peter H. Gerrish), SAE paper 011174. Warrendale, PA: Society of Automotive Engineers; March 2001.   (Also included in: Vehicle Aggressivity and Compatibility in Automotive Crashes. SAE special publication SP-1601, 2001).

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