USA TODAY opinion piece, U.S. Traffic Safety Misleads the Public: As GM ignition case shows, technology is emphasized over driver behavior, Sept.2014

AJPH Editorial 20,000  more Americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science. Aug. 2014

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Leonard Evans Presentations to 
22nd World Congress of ITMA, Chongqing, China, 13-16 May 2011


1. History of ITMA (International Traffic Medicine Association) PowerPoint Slide Show Presentation celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the organization
[based on the invited article  A short history of the International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA) (PDF) Included in the Chinese language book Modern Traffic Medicine]


2.  International Comparisons Suggest Effective Safety Policy PowerPoint Slide Show Presentation, update of portions of invited article USA Traffic Safety Provides Examples Worth Copying and Worth Avoiding. (PDF) included in the Chinese language book Modern Traffic Medicine